Greek Gastronomy

Greek gastronomy


The unique tastes of Greece guarantee that you are in for many culinary surprises during your stay in the country.  Contrary to common belief, you will discover that Greek cuisine is not only moussaka, souvlaki and choriatiki salata, but has a wide variety of dishes that can meet the culinary demands of both meat-eaters and vegetarians in an extremely satisfying way.
Things could not be different, anyway, in the country that gave birth to symposiums and the Epicurean philosophers.  It was, in fact, Archestratos who, in 330 B.C., wrote the first cookbook in History, and reminded us that cuisine is a sign of civilisation.
Greece has a culinary tradition of approximately 4,000 years.  Nevertheless, like most national cuisines, Greek cuisine has both influenced others and embraced ideas from its eastern and western neighbours.

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